It’s been a year!

I published my very first post on July 21, 2011, titled The Beginning of Our Impossible Dreams.

Let’s celebrate!

So much has changed in just a year! A year ago we debated moving halfway around the world. And my husband decided to quit his job to pursue his passion of the fine arts. Now, even though we decided not to move to Thailand, we do live in a very different city, and my husband has a very different job. It’s crazy all the things that can occur in a year. The craziest thing of all is that we both believe we’re exactly where God wants us.

In honor of my blog’s year anniversary, I thought I’d list my top five posts. This is based on the number of views each post received, not including being read from the home page view.

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Thanks for reading!

The Beginning of Our Impossible Dreams

Surprise – and greetings from ICS Bangkok. I was looking over your application documents from 2008 and was pleased with all that I read. I don’t know your current situation, but wanted to explore the possibilities with you of serving here at ICS….

It all started with those words. And yes, that would be Bangkok, Thailand.

I stared at the computer screen, wide-eyed, my throat tight. I knew, as soon as my husband saw his e-mail, he would be ecstatic. I wasn’t.

We talked pros and cons. I cried. The idea of teaching overseas has always appealed to him. Same here. But I just started a job I was enthusiastic about, was actively involved with a group of runners, and gained a writing accountability partner (we have the fantastical goal of writing novels).

The next week my husband and I traveled to beautiful, organic Manitou Springs, Colorado. We hiked a number of trails:  Intemann trail, Red Mountain, Garden of the Gods, the Barr trail (only half way!), and the Incline. Late afternoon we worked on our passions:  my writing and his drawing. Our evenings usually ended with discussions about Thailand, what we were supposed to do with the rest of our lives, and my tears.

Barr Camp: Halfway point up Pike's Peak

One evening, the idea of my husband quitting his job—pursuing composing and art—unfolded. What perfect timing—we don’t have children yet. What horrible timing—our landlady wanted to sell the house, so we needed to find another place to live. And my new job was still financially unstable.

My husband went through one interview with Thailand, just to make sure. He decided Thailand was not for us…yet. We laid out a plan we thought would have to happen for my husband to be able to quit his job:  plans for housing, my job, etc. That plan has been thrown out the window.

What is God’s timing? How often do we, as Americans, step out on a financial limb to pursue our dreams?

We must learn to follow God’s plan…however different from ours it seems.

My husband chose to quit his job, to pursue composing and freelancing as a color pencil artist. There will be many struggles and sacrifices I’m sure. And what we like to call learning opportunities. The number one comment we heard after my husband officially resigned:  “I wish I had the guts to pursue my dreams.”

So here I am, in this blog, letting others see through our lives…that yes, it is possible to pursue a seemingly impossible dream.