Journey With God

Most people are surprised when they hear the choices we’ve made. I mention this in Initial Reactions….from friends, family, acquaintances….and strangers. But that’s an old post–there have been even more unexpected choices since then. Many being kicked off with our Changes in the New Year. We typically get people who are excited for us, or people thinking we’re out of our minds. Our choices tend to go against what is deemed as the American Dream….. I guess we’re anomalies. At least I thought we were anomalies, until I saw this video:

Are you an anomaly? 

Initial Reactions….from friends, family, acquaintances…and strangers

  • I wish I had the guts to follow my dreams. Our number one response. As Americans we often take the American Dream for granted. And however skewed from the original definition, comfort, job stability, and financial gain are what people seem to think of when referencing that Dream. Maybe that is why more people are not following their dreams. If it takes you out of your comfort zone, the job is not guaranteed, and finances are iffy, you may question the value (or sanity!) in pursing your dream. But worthwhile dreams can be risks and hard work. Maybe that is why people think pursuing them takes guts.
  • I regret not following my dreams. Our number two response. No one wants regrets in life. Sure, we all make mistakes… That doesn’t mean we regret what we have learned. I believe our dreams are usually intertwined with our purpose in life. And I believe everyone has a purpose, even though sometimes I doubted I would ever find mine. It just took a little while before I was prepared to recognize it. I believe a person cannot feel complete unless they are following their purpose. You may never know who you were fully meant to be. Of course, we always have opportunity to get back on track.
  • Are you crazy!? This might have been our number one response if more people felt comfortable telling us we were nuts! Following our dreams can take us away from the ‘safety of the known’. So many people have a preconceived idea about what life should look like. And when anyone deters from that idea, they have a hard time understanding. One of the things we can and do benefit from, from people in this category, is listening to their concerns. We may have good intentions, but our heads may be so far in the clouds we do not see everything we should. These people may not always be right in their opinions, but they offer a different perspective. Listening to them can prove invaluable. It can help us see things from all angles. And may help us recognize a benefit or pertinent downside we would not have seen otherwise.

We appreciate all the responses we receive(d). The one that surprised us the most was the first, with how often we heard it. People seem to have an unmet thirst for what they dream but seemingly cannot attain. Start believing in yourself!

Hold on to your dreams!

Disclaimer:  Everything I wrote above is in context of how my husband and I are pursuing our dreams—with a huge leap of faith. There are those whose dreams require a different approach, maybe along the lines of baby steps…where consistency is key. Those dreams are just as important to follow, and every step is/will be worth it!

Has anyone received different responses?