Can Stress and Communication Co-exist?

I am stressed. Not as much now as I was earlier in the week.

In The Beginning of Our Impossible Dreams, I mention a few situations that were stressful. And in Got Job? I mentioned part of the stressful process I went through in looking for a job. After God showed up at just the right moment in each of those instances, I declared I would never be worried about anything again! How naive!

Faith is a good thing. And I should have it. But I was being naive about my humanness. I am prone to worry.

A Little Foggy Ahead?

And when I’m stressed, I need more communication to keep the stress level down. My husband and I learned that the hard way earlier this week. My stress level was increasing….where are we going to live? when are we going to make enough money to live on? (I wouldn’t be so stressed if this just affected us, but we’re depending on his mom’s good graces for our current housing.) My husband isn’t working a regular 9-5 job and I only had a partial idea of how he was using his time throughout the day. So the stress skewed my interpretation of his work.

We had a miscommunication. I had a melt-down. We came back together and came up with our best solution:  He would time-track his work in a little book. That way I could see what was going on–have a little security blanket. Much better than not communicating about it and better than me peppering him with twenty questions….or more.

It’s funny. When I’m stressed I withdrawal. But when I’m stressed I need more communication. What a contradiction!

Any tips from you about the best way to communicate during stressful times, or to deal with stress?

7 Responses to “Can Stress and Communication Co-exist?”

  1. Christopher Snell Says:

    Walk, bike, work out, anything that will work it out of your body, so you don’t dump it on another person.
    Really, time-track? The real question is what don’t you trust about yourself?

    • specializingintheimpossible Says:

      “The real question is what don’t you trust about yourself?”
      You know, I don’t know if that’s the “real” questions…but your comment did make me re-evaluate what and who I am trusting. Thanks for making me think 🙂

      • Christopher Snell Says:

        Everything in this world is about you, when you close your eyes the person looking back at you is you. Every decision you make is about you, for you through your perspective. So when we don’t trust, it’s a reflection of where we are in our own personal development, and everything is subject to change. The other person is simply a reflection of ourselves; we love them for that which we love in ourselves, we hate them for the “what if” factor in ourselves – that which we dislike.
        This is not a judgement, simply an awareness, and an opportunity for positive change.

  2. Grandpa Ja Says:

    Dear Granddaughter, You are like me, in this respect. I find it difficult to speak out when I am stressed by something until it reaches the boiling point. I get help from walking, talking to God, Relaxing with some good, uplifting music. reading scripture, and asking myself, “What is the worst that can happen and what is the best that can happen. Everyone must find their own avenue to true relaxation and comfort zone. Talking with a trusted friend helps some people.
    Praying for you.
    Love and God Bless
    Grandpa Jack

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  4. catnipoflife Says:

    Great question and great post! Communication is most important even under stressful situations and the icing on the cake is trust. Without trust, why is their need to communicate when it may ultimately only lead to argument or back-biting? Without communication, where is the fulfillment of that trust in one another? Find your solitude and include moments of tranquility where you can ‘let go and let God.’ Seek out the ladybug:>)

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