How many times do we desire rest? How often do we rest? How many people take time and prioritize rest?

I know that’s something I struggle with.

I always have something I could be doing….marathon training, writing my blog, working on my two book ideas, learning how to use different programs I want to implement in my projects, doing the research behind ideas I have for church, networking, reading about leadership and small business, budgeting financial goals, and the list could go on. Don’t forget playing with my two fur-babies and maintaining a spectacular marriage!

My husband occasionally has to put his hands on my shoulders and say, stop. (And that’s one of the ways we balance each other out just perfectly!)

I used to fight the idea of rest. I would get all frustrated at myself, that I wasn’t able to cram over a hundred “to do” things in one day. It would stress me out!

Now, I am much more open to the idea. But more likely than not, I’ll just forget I need to stop and take the time.

Rest enables us to be more productive during other hours in the day. Rest lowers stress levels. Rest is good for our minds, bodies, souls, and relationships.

That’s one of the reasons I don’t listen to music most of the time while running, even during that 15 miler I did the other day. Silence, other than cars passing and the occasional animal, helps my brain to relax. I also use it as an opportunity to talk with God.

The other day my husband was bemoaning the fact that it felt like our weeknights were nonexistent, and weekends……what are weekends again? So tonight, I insisted on preparing supper so he could have some time to just sit and read. Rest is important.

I have learned the hard way a couple times. My body took on flu symptoms and literally forced me to crash. It was not the flu. I don’t want to ever experience that again. And I hope you never will.

So…..How ’bout you go rest.


Memorial Day “Aftermath”

Like many people Memorial Day weekend, we went out to enjoy music and fireworks!

Memorial Day Fireworks

After the celebration (which was a great one, I might add), everyone hurried to their cars in the parking garage….to wait.

I’m sure you can easily imagine the frozen chaos that was created by a multitude of people attempting to leave at the same time. We happened to be parked only a couple spaces from one of the garage’s turning points. And there was an SUV parked right at that point, trying to back up. Knowing things were going to take a while, I started people watching.

In a vehicle parked directly across from us, a few young people were jamming out. They were bouncing around, big smiles, throwing their hands every which way. I think they were the most excited people I’ve ever seen….waiting for beyond-slow traffic.

That SUV I mentioned earlier, trying to back up…. Well, someone was nice enough to stop and let them out. Or, at least they tried to.

As soon as that nice person stopped, some guy jumped out of the BMW behind them (no, I’m not stereotyping people who drive those cars. That’s just what he was driving). He marched up to that nice person’s window and motioned they needed to keep moving. As you can imagine, there was some confusion. That guy then strode to another car and acted like a traffic cop, motioning for them to stay out of his way. Then, until the nice people were able to move on, he stood between them and his car with his chin in the air and his arms crossed, keeping an eye on all the other vehicles. I looked at my husband and said, “I could never be married to a man like that!”

After that guy supposedly got his way and moved on, someone let us in. We let the people in who were motioned to stay out of the guy’s way, and they let the SUV in.

And those young people jamming out in their vehicle…. They were still jamming and as happy as could be!

I don’t know why that guy felt like he “deserved” to be out more than anyone else.

It made me wonder, when we’re faced with inconvenient things in life, do we demand our way at the expense of others? Or do we find an opportunity to create joy?

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