Gazelle Hooves & Hide (per my husband)

Last summer my husband and I went through Financial Peace University. We were so inspired, we wrote down some goals for ourselves! We set four years as our timeline to reach our listed goals. It hasn’t been a year yet, and we’re ahead! I know things will happen we don’t expect, that may set us back. But that’s what the emergency fund is for, right?

Anyway, I thought I’d share some pictures with you of a couple of my “Dave” clothes.

The toes all scuffed up...

The toes all scuffed up…

Four holes in the soles

Four holes in the soles

I don’t even really remember when I got these boots. I know it was before getting married, and we have been married for almost seven years. I wore these almost every single day at work. Fortunately we had enough money left over from Christmas bonuses this past year, I was able to buy a replacement pair!

Holes in the knees

Holes in the knees…

Not bought this way...

Not bought this way

These pants remind me how God has such perfect timing! I have had these pants for thirteen years. They did not get those holes until January 2013! after I received another pair for Christmas, and we had enough money for me to buy a couple more pairs of jeans. Crazy!

It can be a struggle to be “gazelle intense“, but when you have absolutely amazing goals for your future, and you and your spouse are on the same page, it can be pretty exciting too!

What crazy things have you come across in being “gazelle intense”? What made you go for it? Got any advice for us?

2 Responses to “Gazelle Hooves & Hide (per my husband)”

  1. Lily Kreitinger (@lilykreitinger) Says:

    Just think about how trendy you are. People pay LOTS of money to BUY brand new clothes and shoes that look like that. I’m a huge fan of a consignment store that sells designer clothes for a fraction of the price. They have a big selection and nothing is older than two years. I got all my summer work clothes last year for about $40.00. Not bad! The trick is that you’re not going to be at this stage forever. Being super frugal now will get you some traction and you’ll get to enjoy nicer things down the road. Keep your eye on the prize (and the price) and you’ll reap rewards sooner than you expect. Great job!!

    • specializingintheimpossible Says:

      Yeah 🙂 My husband reminds me how “trendy” I am too!
      One of my new-to-me pair of jeans was from a consignment store–$7.00!
      Thanks for the encouragement, Lily 🙂 And I am excited for the challenge the next few years will bring, because I see the big picture. And it’s always nice to know people like you, to be able to see others living it out….Thanks!

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