Today was a first for me: Wiping out while running.

I started running March 15, 2010. I’ve ran in blizzards, pouring rain, 30 mph gusts of wind, lightening (wouldn’t recommend it),100* weather, and on ice covered roads. I trained for and completed my first marathon last fall. And never fell. Until now.

I have a running buddy for short runs, ranging from one to four miles. My dog. She’s a very good running partner. If I need her to pay more attention to me, all I need to do is give one click with my tongue. We have passed many animals on our runs, most frequently other dogs. And things have always been fine. But today was different.

You would think I would fall on a day with any of the weather conditions above, or on a long run. But today was a perfect running day–sunny and 60*–and we were only doing a mile. We hit the halfway point, and were headed home. We were making decent time up a hill when I saw a guy with his dog at the top. He stepped off the trail and had his dog sit, waiting for us to pass. I smiled and nodded thanks. Right as we started to pass, his dog lunged at my dog. My dog freaked out and slammed into my legs. Unfortunately the first leg she slammed into was my down-stride. And she proceeded to pass in front of me, keeping my up-stride from ever reaching the ground. My feet flew up behind me, I landed on my hands, and rolled over onto my back. I lay there for a second, the air knocked out of me. My dog bewildered. The guy asking if I was okay, if there was anything he could do, apologizing, saying he didn’t know why his dog did that. I sat up, inspecting myself for injuries. I said I was going to be fine, finally convincing him to slowly move on.

Scratched up a bit...

Scratched up a bit…

I was soaking it all in, getting my bearings. Never falling for over three years, on such a glorious day for a run, why did I have to wipe out? Sometimes that’s just the way things go. Outside forces we can’t control…. on days we least expect it….. Just like other trip-ups in life. We may be going along in life thinking everything’s sunny; nothing will get us down. Then something happens we don’t expect; our feet are knocked out from under us, and we find ourselves staring up from the ground. What are we going to choose to do next?

After discovering one of my knees will be developing a nice bruise, and my hands were nicely torn up, I gave thanks that was all that was damaged. I checked in with my dog to make sure she was okay. She was. I stood, walked to the curb, crossed the street, and started running.

After being knocked down in life, we may not be able to start “running” again right away. But, I have found that when I look to my God, he enables me to get up and move forward. I continued on today. Don’t forget that you can too.

6 Responses to “Wipeout!”

  1. Carol Dublin (@lcdublin) Says:

    Glad you are ok. I fell a couple of months ago when I was running in the snow and hit a patch of ice. Thankfully only a little bruise on my hip and my ego. Love your analogy – it is so true that it’s hardest to take a fall or knock down when you aren’t expecting it – in life or in running. But it is comforting to know that God is there to pick us up and comfort and send us off running again. Nice post.

  2. CabinetDoork Says:

    Glad you and your running companion are fine. Sometimes we fall for no other reason than the opportunity to share and encourage others to get up. You fulfilled the purpose of your fall by writing this… Thank you for the encouragement, Laura!

    • specializingintheimpossible Says:

      “Sometimes we fall for no other reason than the opportunity to share and encourage others to get up.” I completely agree! Sometimes I think difficulties could be easier to face if we knew the purpose behind it right away….but God knows best! Glad to be an encouragement 🙂

  3. Lily Kreitinger (@lilykreitinger) Says:

    Ouch! Glad it was minor injuries and that Chloe is OK too. That’s why I don’t run, I have horrible balance! What I learned from your post is that I should never let go of God’s hand because I don’t know what may come may way that will knock the air out of me, but He does.

    • specializingintheimpossible Says:

      I have ridiculously good balance, so this fall was a little frustrating. But when I looked at it from the perspective of how I could apply the experience to life, I realized I will not always be able to catch myself in life. I guess that’s the reminder to always rely on God. And I’m so glad you got that out of my post! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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