5 a.m. What?

5 a.m. Some people view that time….literally, because that’s when they wake up or are already awake. Most people I know….see 5 a.m. and cringe!

No one wants to wake at 5 a.m!

No one wants to wake at 5 a.m!

I used to think I was not a morning person. But knew I was definitely not a night owl. I liked to say I was an afternoon person….whatever that means.

Anyway, the past several days my husband and I have been attempting to create the habit of waking up at 5 a.m. I mentioned in a previous post (Purposeful, Intentional, Productive) that I had spent the last week of NaNoWriMo getting up that early. It’s easier to rise when you have a very specific goal in the morning. Also, December being a hectic, holiday-filled month, getting up that early was sporadic at best. We have progressed to rising earlier than 5:30, so still in the middle of transitioning into the habit of a 5 a.m. rise and shine. But we’re getting there!

Why?? Why are we attempting something so crazy, when we don’t have to? ….you may ask.

Because all the people we want to be like… The leaders. The achievers. The people who make a big impact on the world around them…. All those people we look up to, and want to be like, were self-disciplined enough to be early risers. At 5 a.m. you don’t have the interruptions that you have the rest of the day. That first hour in the day, you can do whatever you like. Every day. Consistently. Which in turn, enables you to achieve your dreams!

What habits help you to achieve your dreams? Are your dreams important enough to you, to alter your lifestyle?

6 Responses to “5 a.m. What?”

  1. Matt McWilliams Says:

    5:00 am is one of them for me. I used to rarely rise before 7:00 but now I pick up two valuable, productive hours six mornings each week. Twelve hours every single week…

  2. lilykreitinger Says:

    Never in my wildest dreams I thought I would set an alarm for 4:45 AM… and keep rising at that time for over eight months. That is what it took to take on a new job that has led into a great position I have right now.

    A few months ago, I changed that that to 5:30. Funny thing is, my body has gotten used to it and I naturally wake up at 4:30 or 5:00 before the alarm goes off. I have decided that when it happens, I will spend my time in prayer. Never thought of myself as a morning person and I still like to “sleep in” until 7:30. I find that I feel much better when I wake up early. I am more focused and productive and I can spend that time “calling home”.

  3. Anita Says:

    I love waking up early (and living in a hot climate, I have to wake up at 4 in the summer in order to run at sunrise), but I’ve found I can still waste time if I don’t schedule goals the evening before.

    • specializingintheimpossible Says:

      So true, Anita! Scheduling goals is a key part. It can be easy for that extra time in the morning to just become a waste of time… I’m still working on balance 🙂
      …don’t think I could get up at 4! Admire you there 🙂

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