The Word Is: Wait.

Furniture is Overrated

When we first moved into our apartment, we figured it would be about a month before we moved the rest of our stuff over from storage. As I mentioned in a previous post, we’re using a couple camping chairs, sleeping bags, and a cooler as a coffee table.

Unfortunately, we had to use the money we saved up, to pay for car repairs. Then, we received a “house-warming” monetary gift that would cover moving expenses–Thank you!! Time-wise, moving didn’t work for another month. We enjoy camping….but our backs are starting to complain after sleeping on the floor for two months. So we were really looking forward to getting our stuff this weekend or the next! But. It’s not going to happen.

Something has blocked every effort we have made, every option we have considered. For some reason it feels like God doesn’t want us to get our stuff yet. It feels weird to write that thought out, for everyone to read. It doesn’t seem to make sense that God would care about post-poning our move date.

But for some reason he does. There’s just no other way to explain it.

I was disappointed at first. But realizing something about this has to do with God, makes me okay with it.

What do you do, or how do you feel when something seems unexplainably blocked in your life?


8 Responses to “The Word Is: Wait.”

  1. Carol Dublin Says:

    Amazing that you wrote about this now – I have several situations in my life that seem to be blocked – at least as far as what I would like to have happen. I know that God has a plan that I don’t understand – but you are right – it can be disappointing. Thanks for sharing. I hope you get your stuff soon. Nice to know I”m not alone!

  2. Bob and Gwen Mallodry Says:

    Sorry and disappointed that you can’t get your stuff moved. Waiting to hear that everything is in your appartment. Grandma

  3. lilykreitinger Says:

    Furniture IS overrated. We moved into our dream home almost two years ago… and I STILL can’t get it unpacked. We purchased our FIRST ever living room set a couple of months ago (after nine years of marriage) and we’re still using a door with sturdy legs on it as a dining table. I found myself crying yesterday morning as I stare at the mess that happens with daily life, two full time jobs and two full time kids. It makes me wonder if I’m doing the right thing, or if I should stay home and find an alternative way to make a living. If anything is blocked in my life is the energy I need to keep up with it. Then I pause and think God has given me the gifts I have for a reason and even though housekeeping is not one of them, I have a loving husband, I’m doing a good job at work and my kids are happy and healthy. Life is never 100% perfect, but for me it is definitely helpful to count my blessings. Hope you get your place up and running soon!!! Twugs!!

    • specializingintheimpossible Says:

      Twugs back to you, Lily!
      I love that you’re using a door for your table 🙂
      We have something in common…housekeeping is not one of my gifts either. But think about this: if we all had the gift of housekeeping, nothing else would ever get done. Every home in society would be sparkly clean and orderly. But there would be no entrepreneurs, no artists, no writers, no one in the entertainment industry, no one to work numbers/budgets, no inspirational speakers, no one running charities. Of course, people who do have the gift of housekeeping are not less important. They are just as important as everyone else–we would be lost without them 😉
      Thanks for commenting!

  4. Aaron Nelson (@epicenterone) Says:

    It is frustrating when things don’t happen as soon as we want them to. We’re fighting to pay off debt right now, and THAT is going slower than what we had hoped. But boy has God used it to teach us things that we wouldn’t have EVER learned if we weren’t facing this ‘waiting.’
    1. How to work together with money – (my wife and I.)
    2. How to hope in the middle of stress and difficulty.
    3. How to believe – God made a promise that He would provide for us, and so far he has – and we know that He will.

    I could go on and on and on…but the waiting time hasn’t just been waiting. It’s been teaching and learning time for us, and I bet there’s some of that going on for you too! Sometimes, like what we’ve been seeing, we don’t see the lessons right away…but boy are they there.

    Great post Laura.

    • specializingintheimpossible Says:

      Love your comment, Aaron!
      Three great learning points–definitely identify with you there 🙂
      Sometimes it seems like God prolongs the waiting because the lessons he wants us to learn during that time-period are so important.
      Thank you for bringing up some very (wish I could italicize) lessons!!

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