You are defined in life by the way you respond to defeat.

Do you ever reach a point where you don’t want to pick yourself up, and try again? How tempting is it to just pause for a moment…..and think, if only? If only I didn’t have to go on. If only I didn’t have to face that fear again. If only I didn’t have to face that hurt again. If only…

That mental struggle, when facing life’s challenges and disappointments, is one of the reasons I love physical challenges. And one of the reasons I love this video I found on YouTube:

Last Saturday I ran sixteen miles, in rain. That is the farthest I have ever gone. And I learned that running in a steady rain for three and a half hours can feel very different from running a rainy 5k. By the time I had gone four miles, my shoes had become sponges. Long before I was done, every part of me was drenched. Because of the weather, I unintentionally tensed my muscles the entire way. I always leave an extra mile at the end of my long runs, to cool down with a walk. As soon as I started walking, pain shot through my entire body. It felt like metal rods were going straight through my legs from every direction. And I was very cold. I hate to admit it, but I whimpered home.

Now why do I love physical challenges? Two reasons.

First, the physical challenge reminds me if I can make it through, I can make it through challenges in other areas of my life. It reminds me we are much more flexible and stronger than we think we are. Second, persevering through physical challenges toughens me up for future situations or events, like races. It enables me to feel better as I attack those future challenges. The same applies to other areas of life. If we grow through life’s challenges and disappointments, we can better handle what life will throw at us in the future.

I attribute persevering through difficulties, in both running and life, to a relationship with God. I know if he was not in my life, I would not have gone on.


6 Responses to “You are defined in life by the way you respond to defeat.”

  1. Grandpa Jack Says:

    Dear Granddaughter,
    You are learning some of life’s lessons for sure. Just make sure you are not endangering your health.
    Your Great Grandpa Brannum often told me “you are never beaten when knocked down by someone or some situation until you refuse to rise up and continue the stuggle”. Be strong but use your wisdom enough to know when to “back off”‘ and live to fight again.
    Grandpa Jack

    • specializingintheimpossible Says:

      Grandpa, that’s a great quote to remember from Great Grandpa!
      After getting home, I stretched out in a hot bubble bath–felt like heaven. I was supposed to run next on Tuesday, but took the day off. Many people say when you rest is just as important as, and sometimes more important than, when you run. If I had injured myself I would have definitely taken more time off. But fortunately that was not the case!
      Thanks for the wonderful advice…
      Love you!!

  2. catnipoflife Says:

    Laura, you are an inspiration. . .you definitely take on life and run with it!

    • specializingintheimpossible Says:

      Aw, thanks 🙂
      There are definitely times I fight the idea of not continuing on in different areas of life, but that’s why I value my relationship with God so much! And it helps that I have an amazing husband who is my number one supporter!
      I am constantly reminded that many prophets and kings in the Old Testament struggled with different things…
      Being close to God doesn’t mean life is going to be easy.

  3. Carol Dublin Says:

    I hear you. I love my morning runs, but some days, especially in the winter, I feel like if I can make it through that, I can handle anything that day. And sometimes, that’s my prime prayer time, so I cherish my runs. Haven’t made it to 16 miles yet, but good for you for hanging in there. Good luck in your marathon training.

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