How many times do we desire rest? How often do we rest? How many people take time and prioritize rest?

I know that’s something I struggle with.

I always have something I could be doing….marathon training, writing my blog, working on my two book ideas, learning how to use different programs I want to implement in my projects, doing the research behind ideas I have for church, networking, reading about leadership and small business, budgeting financial goals, and the list could go on. Don’t forget playing with my two fur-babies and maintaining a spectacular marriage!

My husband occasionally has to put his hands on my shoulders and say, stop. (And that’s one of the ways we balance each other out just perfectly!)

I used to fight the idea of rest. I would get all frustrated at myself, that I wasn’t able to cram over a hundred “to do” things in one day. It would stress me out!

Now, I am much more open to the idea. But more likely than not, I’ll just forget I need to stop and take the time.

Rest enables us to be more productive during other hours in the day. Rest lowers stress levels. Rest is good for our minds, bodies, souls, and relationships.

That’s one of the reasons I don’t listen to music most of the time while running, even during that 15 miler I did the other day. Silence, other than cars passing and the occasional animal, helps my brain to relax. I also use it as an opportunity to talk with God.

The other day my husband was bemoaning the fact that it felt like our weeknights were nonexistent, and weekends……what are weekends again? So tonight, I insisted on preparing supper so he could have some time to just sit and read. Rest is important.

I have learned the hard way a couple times. My body took on flu symptoms and literally forced me to crash. It was not the flu. I don’t want to ever experience that again. And I hope you never will.

So…..How ’bout you go rest.


8 Responses to “Rest.”

  1. lilykreitinger Says:

    So true… throw two little people in that mix and you’ll feel that rest will come when you’re 92. Today I’m being forced to rest by my body. I just need to get healthy. I’ve been fighting this cold for three weeks now. I think our culture does not value rest and relaxation. We see it as a waste of time. Thanks for the great reminder.

    • specializingintheimpossible Says:

      Hey Lily! Yeah, I was just realizing the other day what it’d be like if I had a couple kiddos–if I spent my time the way I do now, I’d have zero time for them. Obviously, if I did have kids, my priorities would be different than now. But thinking about kids, really threw my use of time into perspective!
      And, your observation about “waste of time”……totally hear you there.

  2. Carol Dublin Says:

    I hear you – this is what I struggle with too. Always on the go, just like you. I have discovered the beautiful silence of the long run too – amazing that I can be so unhooked mentally and so physically active at the same time. Great post and thanks for the reminder!

  3. Anna Popescu Says:

    Great post, Laura! In our fast-paced society we sometimes feel more valuable if we can do more, accomplish more… As a former Type A, I was devastated when I had to stop working due to several chronic pain illnesses. It took me several years to get used to doing much less, and now I’m mostly comfortable with that. I still tend to overdo every so often, and then pay the price — what I call “payback” — for several weeks. That’s where I’m at right now, sigh…

    I know I’m not alone in saying that I often forget that God specifically rested from all His creation activity, and we all need to follow His example.

    Enjoy a blessed weekend!

    • specializingintheimpossible Says:

      “…we sometimes feel more valuable if we can do more, accomplish more…”–So true!!
      Isn’t it crazy? God rested….GOD! How do we think we can go, go, go without rest, if God himself took the time to rest??
      Hope you pull through the “payback” soon!!

  4. catnipoflife Says:

    You hit home with me on this one! Yep! Been there many times when I was not only told to rest but STOP! Hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with hours of rest and relaxation:>)

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