FPU Goals

Attending Financial Peace University has been so inspiring!

What’s for dinner?

The other day my husband and I sat down to outline our financial plan for the next four years…

And if I write those goals out here for all of you to see, that means there’s more pressure to accomplish them, right!?

So here they are:

  • Pay off all debt
  • Second car
  • 10 year anniversary trip to Hawaii

Now don’t you feel better after reading that? I know it makes me feel good to write it, because I know it’s possible! It’s actually possible to get that all done in less than four years…. But don’t tell anyone…


7 Responses to “FPU Goals”

  1. Carol Dublin Says:

    Shhh, I won’t tell. But good for you and go for it! Those are awesome goals.

  2. Broke by Choice Says:

    Great goals! I loved that you added a trip to HI in there.

  3. skottydog Says:

    You can do it! Don’t look at it as added pressure, look at it as you have a team of supporters who will now encourage you….

    …and ask you to bring back coconut syrup from Maui upon your return!

  4. Gazelle Hooves & Hide (per my husband) | Specializing in the Impossible Says:

    […] my husband and I went through Financial Peace University. We were so inspired, we wrote down some goals for ourselves! We set four years as our timeline to reach our listed goals. It hasn’t been a year yet, and […]

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