Guest Post on Chris LoCurto’s Blog

Hey, everyone! I’ve had the honor of guest posting on Chris LoCurto’s blog.

You can check it out here: Lead By Living It

Chris is a VP, and one of the speakers at Dave Ramsey’s organization. On his blog, you’ll learn his personal insights on leadership, managing people, and financial stewardship.

He posts five times a week, Monday through Friday. To make sure you get every post, be sure to subscribe.

His top posts of all time are:

Chris’s Bio:

As one of Dave Ramsey’s key leaders over the past 11 years, Chris served as the Vice President of Live Events. He oversaw The Total Money Makeover LIVE!, a concert-like show on personal finances, helped it grow in attendance from 1,600 to 11,000 per event. His team of event coordinators, marketers, and sales staff more than tripled during that time.

Live event production is one of the most logistically demanding and tedious administrative endeavors for a business leader. Chris is an industry leader in the events and training world.

Together, Chris and Dave developed and built EntreLeadership from their shared experiences. Through their close relationship and Dave’s personal council, Chris has not only become an expert in teaching the EntreLeadership principles, but has lived and implemented them daily.

Chris is an accomplished speaker and has traveled extensively throughout the United States sharing his leadership principles and keys to business development. In addition to this, he has been a mainstay at every EntreLeadership conference, providing business counseling to anyone wishing to tap into his vast skills. EntreLeadership attendees walk away with a sense of control and confidence after meeting with Chris.

Chris was awarded the Dale Carnegie Award for Highest Achievement in 2002 and also serves on the board of On The Go, a missions organization.

A native of Lake Tahoe, California, Chris has been married to his wife Debbie for 10 years. His personal passion is continuous improvement—personally and professionally—in any endeavor. He is an avid racecar driver and skier. Chris and Debbie now make their home in the rolling hills of Nashville, Tennessee.


One Response to “Guest Post on Chris LoCurto’s Blog”

  1. Brent Kelly Says:

    Congratulations on the guest post. I just became a subscriber. Looking forward to reading your posts. All he best.

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