Shot down again.

A couple months ago we were looking at a renovation house as a possible place to live.

It needed pretty much everything done:  floors, cabinetry, appliances, toilets, tub, etc. But the bones were good. We started the process of applying to see if we qualified for the loan. They said it should no problem.

Problem:  We found out the septic would most likely need to be replaced. Expensive problem. Which, of course, would affect our offer. Once the owner of the house discovered the septic was an issue, he never returned our calls. Guess he decided not to sell after all.

Then, we found a foreclosure we liked. And it looked as if we would be able to afford it, even after the cost of the work that needed to be done. We started gathering all the info the bank needed.

Yesterday after work, my boss followed me, so he could give us an estimate on the electrical. It’s roughly a forty minute drive. Over half way there, my husband called to say we couldn’t go to the house. It was under contract. Sigh.

Both my husband and I were disappointed.

My boss said maybe we weren’t supposed to live in that area.

I try not to think too much about what we haven’t been able to accomplish. I keep telling myself and others, “We’re just going forward, through every open door, until God closes them.” I guess he closed a door.

What doors have you tried, only for them to be closed?

Facing Obstacles Together


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