I’ve mentioned in multiple posts how much I love to continually learn!

But the more I learn, the more I realize I don’t know. The more I realize I don’t know, the more things I want to learn. The more things I want to learn, the more I realize it will be impossible for me to learn everything I want to before I die.


Morbid? Disappointing? Silly?

It reminds me of Solomon, the wisest person to ever live or ever will live. He is know for describing different things as “a chasing after the wind”. See Ecclesiastes 2 for an example.

The reason it reminds me of Soloman is, when I start realizing I’ll barely scratch the surface on some of the things I’m passionate about, I wonder what the point is in continuing down that road? Why do I want to go down that road in the first place? Because it makes me happy? If our lives are but a mist, it almost seems a waste of time. So…what isn’t a waste of time?

What is the whole purpose of life?

What’s the point in what we do if it doesn’t affect things on an eternal level?

So, what is affected on an eternal level? The greatest calling:  to bring others to Christ, so they too might have eternal life through a relationship with God.

That doesn’t mean we have to go to the opposite side of the world and preach the gospel to people of a different language. (There are wonderful people who do that, and you may do that…) But there are an infinite number of ways to reach others on an eternal level.

Maybe that’s why people have so many different passions…so we can try out all those different infinite ways of reaching others.

How do you use your passion(s) to reach others?


8 Responses to “Meaningless”

  1. Bob and Gwen Mallodry Says:

    Solomon also said,” This sore travail has God placed on the sons of men, to search out everything under the sun.” Bob

  2. lilykreitinger Says:

    Love the photo! WOW! My passion is teaching, inspiring and connecting. I can do that anytime, anywhere. The purpose of life, if you can sum it up in a phrase is to learn how to love so we can continue to do that in eternity. Great post!

    • specializingintheimpossible Says:

      Thanks, Lily 🙂
      I love that word… Inspiring. And it’s great that your passions are so versatile!
      I’m sure you have many wonderful stories I would love to hear.
      And I like your take on the purpose of life! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. catnipoflife Says:

    Laura, what a great post, which like your others is truly inspiring! Thank you for sharing your insights in such a spiritual and thoughtful manner. With each post I read, I may not always leave comments but I ALWAYS leave the page in prayerful thought. If you are a mother, Happy Mother’s Day! If not, some day you will be undeniably remarkable :>)
    (BTW I am sharing this post on facebook and Twitter, as well as pinning Eternal to the newly created Inspiring Photos board.)

    • specializingintheimpossible Says:

      Thank you! Your comments are always encouraging and refreshing 🙂
      I am glad to be able to write something, and share pictures, that others find inspiring.
      PS. I am not a mother, but thank you for the compliments!

  4. Lost thoughts, meaninglessness in life. | Long versions. Says:

    […] Meaningless ( […]

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