Here We Go Again…

My Second 1/2 Marathon

In December I posted about beginning training for my first marathon:  Marathon Training:  The Beginning

That didn’t work out.

Unfortunately, I got really sick for over a week. And right after that, we moved to another city and I started job-hunting. No time for running, let alone marathon training.

But it’s still on my list of things I want to accomplish in 2012. So guess what…. I’m going to attempt once again to train for a marathon. Here’s hoping I’ll actually accomplish it this time!

Downside to living in a new city:  I don’t have my regular, trusted running partner to go the distance with. Oh well. I’m a fighter! And I can do it!

I received several good tips on my last post. But I will appreciate any more tips you runners out there might have!




10 Responses to “Here We Go Again…”

  1. Joel Fortner Says:

    Alright!!! Tips? Schedule your runs and sideline other stuff. Write down in BIG words WHY this is important to you and hang it where you’ll see it daily. Eat well. Sleep well. Pray hard.

  2. shelley Says:

    You’re crazy – but good luck!!

  3. Muffie Says:

    I wrote a blog article on The Best Foods for Running:

    Here are some other websites that may be helpful to your marathon training: – this site also has additional “running links”

    In addition to increasing your mileage during training, remember to cross-train and remember REST DAYS. Make sure you are training on hills, doing hill sprints, interval runs, fartleks, high knee jumps, long strides, and tempo runs.

    And remember: Matthew 19:26!!

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    […] training for and running a marathon (see Here We Go Again… and Good vs. Crappy Runs and My First Marathon:  The Wonderful in the Horrible), after trudging […]

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