Just. In. Time.

So this past weekend was crazy.

My husband went to our old house a couple days ahead of me, to get some much needed packing done. I left work Friday and drove straight there. When I arrived, some people were in the middle of loading up a couple trucks. One of our closest friends had been there for several hours, working like a beast. I was surprised to see the other two:  the guy who would be moving into our house and one of his friends. Everything was plowing right along, so I decided to join them in my work clothes (I think that’s the biggest work-out my heels have gotten!)

We finished unloading the trucks after dark, and everyone headed home. Unfortunately, when we arrived at the house, we discovered the garage door was jammed. The two guys were driving by, so my husband flagged them down and asked if they knew anything about garage doors. Even after hours of loading and unloading, they fixed the problem for us.

Saturday we tied up loose ends in town, started packing the random things that were left, and tackled the cleaning. While eating lunch, we found out the family moving into our house was stuck between a rock and a hard place:  Originally, they planned to move Monday. The people moving into the house they were leaving, had to be in by April 1st. But, those people had just showed up with their first load of stuff.

We told them they could park their trailers at our house and we would try to be out that day. Now we no longer had Sunday to finish cleaning, or to move our last load.

We went back to work. We didn’t even stop for supper. It was past midnight, and we finally finished!

As we were loading our truck to find a place to “camp”, the family offered to let us stay the night and said they wished they had known we hadn’t eaten, because they would have shared some of their ribs. It was very sweet of them, but weirdly enough we were looking forward to sleeping in the back of our truck.

Campin' in a Truck Bed

First we headed to the next town, hoping there might be a fast-food drive still open. Nope. Even the gas station was closed. Then we drove to a nearby reservoir, to camp. As soon as we parked, we could hear machinery chugging away. That was going to keep us up. So we drove to the county lake. There were signs posted everywhere saying you had to have a permit to camp. Fortunately, we had a friend who own property out there. So we parked on their property, and my husband texted them at 1:00 am to make sure we had their permission. We did.

We’ve camped several times before in a tent. But never before in the back of a truck. We woke up very refreshed. It was a beautiful morning!

We swung by the house to pick up the electric keyboard we kept in the garage overnight. The couple came out to chat and help load the keyboard and other stuff we were taking with us.

Whenever we have interacted with that couple, they have impressed me more each time! I am glad we were able to help them out.


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