He Will Lead Us Home.

This weekend is our official move day! …into a storage shed.

I explained what we’re doing with our house in There’s No Place Like Home… and it feels good that things are moving along.

We still do not have a place to live. Though, we do have a prospect. We are looking at a renovation home. We do not know yet if it’s a go because there are a couple things that need to be checked out first, and renovation home loans take much longer to process than a regular home loan. But if it’s what God wants for us, it will work out.

Meanwhile, we will be moving out of my husband’s brother and sister-in-law’s finished basement. And moving in with my husband’s mom. This has definitely been a transitional stage of life. I don’t think anyone grows up saying, this is what I want to do when I grow up. But here we are. It’s definitely been an adventure. And we’re learning more and more how to lean on God and claim His promises each day!

What have you done in life that you never thought you’d do?



5 Responses to “He Will Lead Us Home.”

  1. Joel Fortner Says:

    Well one day you’re going to look back at all of this and just smile. God will shepherd you.

  2. catnipoflife Says:

    We never know what path the Lord will lay in front of us:) I would have never in my life envisioned our losing our home. So much time, love, joy, commitment and even sorrow went into the years spent with family and friends. We were victims like so many in today’s society! Yet, as I look back, all worked out according to His plan, not ours. Keep smiling. . .

  3. When Everything Falls Into Place « Specializing in the Impossible Says:

    […] for (Got Job?)! As far as a place to live….we kept looking, and looking, and looking….(He Will Lead Us Home.)… Until […]

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