I am being tempted. With this thing called envy.

Typically, people envy tangibles:  house, car, boat, dog, spouse, kids, vacation, money, etc.

But I am being tempted to envy the intangibles.

I love where our lives are headed! But many things are “still in the works”. We’re still going through the process of figuring out how we’re going to live the next stage of our lives. Other than my job, not very many things have been solidified. We know what we are working toward, but we don’t know yet how things are going to work out, or even when. When I think about it too much, my mind begins to wander in the direction of envying others.

I’m faced with the temptation to envy intangibles:  time, timing, reaching goals, seeing dreams fulfilled, stability, having answers before the question is asked, knowing, having a plan. When I’m tempted it seems that everywhere I look, others have those intangibles within their grasp. But us. I know that’s not true for everyone…

My husband reminded me that even though others may have those intangibles, they do not necessarily live the life we desire. That adjusted my way of thinking. I realized I am willing to put up with the unknown, to keep the dreams we are enabling down the road.

Heading Into the Unknown

When is the last time you plunged into the unknown to reach a goal, or enable a dream?



5 Responses to “Envy.”

  1. Barbara Isaac Says:

    Life is scary and beautiful, and I believe so worth every minute. You are at such a perfect place because it is a place where we must be driven to Him to knows all things. We are called to live by faith and that will never change; stability is really an illusion…. and the dreams, they push us forward!
    Great post. I love, love how you began and it makes me ponder if I am tempted in places as well.

  2. shelley Says:

    That’s all natural! Perspective is the word. :o)

  3. Bigger Bone Syndrome « life of a female bible warrior Says:

    […] Envy. (specializingintheimpossible.wordpress.com) […]

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