Ultimately Outstanding

The other day, after explaining something he wanted me to learn, my boss said, “Aren’t you excited? We’re going to make you the ultimate office manager!”

That conversation spiraled into the realms of facetiousness… But the other month he did purchase a training package for me to attend unlimited seminars for a year. Talk about investing in someone!

Which brings me to today… I attended “The Outstanding Receptionist”.

There were a couple points the speaker made, in addition to the class material. I wanted to share those:

  • You are personally responsible for your life and success.  (Do you blame others when things go wrong?)
  • You control your response to any event, if you choose to do so.  (Do you respond, or are you reactionary?)
  • No one can make you feel any emotion unless you give them permission to do so.  (Do you focus on how you feel, or the underlying problem?)

I was reminded of when I apologized to my boss, just this last Monday. I was nervous. My hands were shaking. It was my first time apologizing to him. But I knew I needed to. The previous Friday there was some miscommunication and confusion. I could have handled things better. For example, by asking clarifying questions. I wanted my boss to know I understood it didn’t go the best, I learned from it, and it wouldn’t happen again. He told me he appreciated it.

Some people seem to think apologizing shows weakness. I disagree. I see apologizing as an opportunity to make a situation better, and to grow as a person.

There was one person at today’s seminar who didn’t seem to have the right attitude, at least in the beginning. When our speaker asked why we were there, she responded by saying her boss made her come. Then the speaker asked if she was happy to be there. She said yes, because she didn’t have to answer the phones at work. I admit, my immediate thought:  If I was her employer, I would fire her. I know, kind of harsh….especially since I don’t know her or her workplace. In this instance I could be labeled as reactionary.

I guess what I’m getting at in all of this is… If we form our thoughts in the direction of our dreams/goals, instead of focusing on all the wrong things, we will succeed. You will be ultimately outstanding!



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