There’s No Place Like Home…

We bought a house in June 2011. Our first home of our own. And because of circumstances I have written about in previous posts (see Changes In the New Year and Got Job?), we already need to sell it.

Almost every homeowner knows the kind of stress that can come with trying to sell a house. And understands the precarious balancing act of  buying another at the same time.

Our current circumstance is a mixed blessing! We never had to put our house on the market. A family found out we were going to sell our house and approached us about doing a lease option. My husband drew up a contract, and it looks like all will benefit!

The “downside” is we have less than a month to find a place to live, and get all our stuff out. The past couple months we have looked at apartments, anywhere from studio to two bedroom, rental houses, and foreclosed homes. Nothing seems right yet. Either it’s too far away from work, too small, not safe enough, or not in our price range. Also, leasing our last house instead of directly selling it could affect our ability to be approved for a loan.

It’s tempting to think things won’t work out. But people go through these types of circumstances all the time. We just need to keep plowing ahead, looking at all our options, and what we need will pop up when we need it.

At Home?


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