To Excel, Or Not To Excel…

Today and tomorrow I’m taking part in a two day Excel class. This may be the nerdiest confession I’ve ever made, but….. I’m loving it!

I used to believe I would grow up, be employed at some mundane job to make ends meet, and when kids came, stay at home. All the while, doing everything mediocre because I saw myself as a person with no talent, smarts, or usable interests.

Sure, I had dreams growing up. But they were the unreachable kind:  being able to fly, having a pet tiger, being a hero, etc. After typing those, I realize I did not fit the mold of a stereotypical girl. Anyway…. Not believing I was good at anything and not having “attainable” dreams led me to not having purpose. And that can be pretty depressing.

But a couple years ago, I discovered the secret. 

Most of my life I was looking at things other people enjoyed, and trying to fit myself into those opinions/desires/preferences. I had to step back. I had to figure things out for myself….and ultimately what God wanted for me.

When I did that, it no longer mattered that I wasn’t good at team sports. It no longer mattered that I wasn’t good at working with children or teens in large groups. It no longer mattered that I wasn’t an extrovert. It no longer mattered that I wasn’t book smart. It no longer mattered….

And when I allowed myself to believe it no longer mattered that I couldn’t meet others’ designs, I was able to focus on discovering what I was good at and enjoyed:

I am a runner. I am good at working with individuals. I can very efficiently and effectively use both sides of my brain–I am both logical and creative. I love discovering. I love learning. I love implementing. I love growing.

I am getting such a high out of this two day Excel class because it involves what I love to do, and it reminds me that yes, I am good at some things. And yes, I can make a difference in the world around me.

Have you allowed yourself the room you need to discover your purpose?


2 Responses to “To Excel, Or Not To Excel…”

  1. Barbara Isaac Says:

    I love this. He made us all so different and in all that difference He is glorified. Let’s be who we are in Him together!

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