The Joys of Unemployment

I left my last entry on a high note—with a temp job. Well right after I posted, I received a message that my temp position had been discontinued. I guess there’s a reason they’re called temp jobs!

I had an interview last Tuesday for another job—temp to hire this time—and I thought it went really well. But I haven’t heard back yet, so my non-positive guess is it’s a no go (I’ll keep you updated). But at the very least it was great interview practice!

Lester Declawed

We’ve spent our free time moving in with my husband’s brother and sister-in-law, contacting key people, getting the cat declawed, crunching numbers, researching, filling out applications, sending out resumes, looking apartments up online, looking at options…so many different options.

This is my third week of not running…at all! Of course, a week of that I was very sick. That marathon may need to be put on hold…

When my dad heard what we were up to, he called me with some advice. He suggested I apply for unemployment benefits. In the past I decided not to because I didn’t want to take taxpayers’ money, especially when I was capable of working. And I figured in this situation I wouldn’t qualify because I voluntarily resigned. He told me though, unless it was different because I was in a different state, I would qualify because my boss had not been paying me on time. Also, he said for a certain length of time, unemployment benefits are taken out of the employer’s contributions to unemployment, before it hits taxpayers’ dollars. I know he suggested this option because it’s a possibility, and he wants his “little girl” taken care off. But honestly, I don’t know what to think.

Advice, readers?


4 Responses to “The Joys of Unemployment”

  1. Jarrod Says:

    He is right, employers do pay into an unemployment system. However, i don’t know if your recent ex-employer would have been. However, the bank you worked at probably put away money on your behalf. I have felt the same way about unemployment however, if you feel the need, just keep track of what you received and pay the same amount out to charities in the future. Better in the hands of charitable organizations I say.

  2. Joel Fortner Says:

    I believe if at all possible you should not take unemployment and continue to fight to secure a job. The spiritual and emotional aspects of not borrowing but making your own way are a primary reason. That said, I like Jarrod’s suggestion of tracking it and giving it away in the future. Keep praying. Keep fighting.

  3. Jack Brannum Says:

    Hi Grandaughter, Unemployment is NOT taxpayer’s dollars. It is insurance paid by the employer. (if he wasn’t paying it he could have raised your wages.) There is no stigma in receiving it as long as you are sincerely and actively searching for work. I never had to collect it as I never went over a week or two without a job. I admire your feelings about it but don’t bite your nose to spite your face.
    Praying you will find work that you find fulfilling and enjoyable soon.
    Love and God Bless
    Grandpa Jack

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