Changes In the New Year

People enter the New Year with resolutions to make changes….

How many times do people choose something that turns their lives upside down, and follow through?

My husband and I did just that. After several months of looking for another job, a lot of thought, discussion and prayer, I quit my job without another lined up.

Disclaimer:  Our decision is not recommended for most situations. It appears against logic. A friend mentioned, “Faith was never intended to be a substitute for intelligence.” And we completely agree! But this was a decision that was made very plain for us.

Jeremiah 29:11

So. We spent New Year’s Eve and the following days with my mother-in-law, considering all our options for the future….jobs, apartments, etc. Last Tuesday I had a job interview with a recruiter. The following day I started my current job. It is a temp job with the potential of growing into something more. At the very least, it puts us near where we had been financially.

We have family to stay with and a job secured (temporarily) But many more things to figure out:  apartment, selling/renting our house, another car, pets, another job….

It is a huge choice we’re taking one day/aspect at a time. We are plowing ahead, believing we can make it.

Of course, I will keep you all up to date on our progress, struggles, and victories!

Anyone else make any unusual resolutions for the year 2012?

7 Responses to “Changes In the New Year”

  1. Sherry Says:

    I am so SAD that we will be losing the two of you in our lives and church but in that sadness I want more than anything for the two of you to be in God’s will. I ASSUME we will see you again? Love and prayers, Sherry

  2. Joel Fortner Says:

    I’ve been meaning to comments for days now. I pray this all works out for you two. This was a huge decision and had to have taken great courage. “We are plowing ahead, believing we can make it,” you wrote. You will.

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