Financial Obstacles

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  • Adjusting to being a one-income family. Fortunately, over the years we learned how to live on just my husband’s income. We originally got the idea from Crown Financial  and I believe Dave Ramsey espouses the same idea—I’m just now diving into his material. My income was going toward debt. Now I’m the breadwinner. And my income is less than two-thirds my husband’s. With my husband exploring the world of a freelance artist, that income will be almost zilch. He will be supplementing our budget by substitute teaching… Okay, so maybe being a ‘one-income’ family isn’t technically true but he won’t be getting a regular paycheck—no ‘nine to five’ job.
  • My job. When I took my job almost a year ago, I knew it was not financially stable, my starting pay was below what I could get at a similar position elsewhere, and there were limited benefits. The company books were a mess, putting the business in a precarious position. Entries were recorded inaccurately, redundantly, or were incomplete. My boss had very little guidance on the financial health and direction of the business. One of the reasons I was hired was to put finances in order. It was/is a challenge, a risk. It requires hard work. It requires creativity. It requires not buckling under stress. And I love it! I realize though, no matter how much I love my job, it is an obstacle.
  • Home owning. We were fortunate with the house we had been living in. It was one of the nicest rentals in the area, and one of the lower costing ones. Our landlady sold the house—not to us. We searched for another rental, but none were affordable for us. Either the rent was too much or the utilities would be extremely high. We even considered moving into an apartment above my workplace and remodeling it as a form of rent; went so far as to have an electrician and a heating/cooling guy come out to give us quotes. Nothing seemed to stick. We gave into looking at owning a home. I say ‘gave into’ because we were leery of taking on the financial responsibility, when we didn’t know if our wallet could handle it. We looked at two houses. The first was—quite plainly—discouraging. The second….turned out to be a foreclosure! Which put it in our price range, and was still livable. The process of getting a loan and buying the house went as smoothly as possible. We were told our credit scores were golden! Though, as every homeowner knows, financial responsibilities don’t end once the sale is final.
  • Budgeting. The obstacles above are clear factors why we need to change our budgeting strategy. Definitely breaking new ground here.

Obviously, if God wants my husband to pursue his dream, if God wants me at the job I have, if God gave us this house, he will provide the means for us to survive. And not just survive…..thrive!


5 Responses to “Financial Obstacles”

  1. by-the-lamplight-holding-on-by-a-thread Says:

    My little family lives on one income as well. It’s been increasingly difficult to make ends meet and have some fun too these past few months. Your last sentence gave me new insight. I am not certain what I call the higher power I believe in, but I do believe in some sort of higher power. I should let them guide me more. Thank you!

    • specializingintheimpossible Says:

      I believe in the God of the Bible. There have been several times in my life where I didn’t know what to do, or things seemed hopeless or impossible. But when I looked to God and remembered he was most important in my life, he would help me see what I needed to do next or would give me enough comfort to get through. What we are doing now would be meaningless and probably not successful if God was not our leader through it all. I hope you find the answers you need, and that joy may fill your life! 🙂 Thanks for being so open!

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